Bed of Sorrow


(c) Unknown. All images remain the property of their original creator.

Disclaimer: I am posting this for fun and because people enjoy reading about these things. If you choose to play any of these games then you do so at your own risk.

How to Play


  • Credit goes to Scary for Kids and also to MissCocoa who alerted me to this game. Original source can be found here.
  • The idea behind this game is to complete a ritual to cleanse yourself of grief/sorrow or emotional pain. This may help some people, but I should warn that you cannot expect games to help with serious emotional issues and instead you should consider therapy or some other suitable coping mechanism. I am extremely wary of posting games and people expecting it as some magic cure all for something serious, so bear that in mind.


  • You, yourself and I.


  • You need to locate an abandoned house that has a room with a locked red door. If the house doesn’t have one, move on, this isn’t the house for you. Plenty of fish/houses in the sea, or whatever. This seems to be one of those games that implies if it is the time to play it, things will work out.
  • Knock twice on the locked door and then attempt to open it. If it remains locked, abandon the game, go get some nachos, because there is always time for nachos. If however it opens then you should enter.
  • Within will be a windowless room with a single bed in its centre. The bed should have red sheets.
  • If all is as detailed above then you now have to make a choice whether to continue or leave. If you wish to leave you may do so now without experiencing any ill effects, but you may never return to the house.
  • If you choose to continue then you should lie down upon it on top of the sheets. When you are ready, close your eyes and wait. You must remain motionless and keep your eyes closed during whatever happens next.
  • Eventually any activity will cease and you should hear a voice whisper, ‘it is done.’
  • As soon as you hear these words you should get up and leave the room, closing the door behind you without looking back or speaking.
  • Should you encounter any sort of figure in red on your journey home, do not interact with it and run home as fast as you can. If the figure is in white then do not run, but instead proceed home at a brisk walking pace.
  • Go to bed immediately and sleep.
  • If these steps have been done correctly, you should feel better for up to seven days. If you have not completed these steps correctly then you may feel worse and will continue to do so until the ritual is properly completed. However, the next time you return to the house, the red door may not be so easily found.

Safety first

If breaking and entering then make sure you remember your striped shirt and your SWAG bag.

Risk level

Aside from the risk of being arrested, or potentially encouraging someone squatting in the property, there is also the issue I raised above. Games can be fun, but they are no substitute for many other ways of dealing with serious grief or emotional pain.

Would I play?

Probably not.

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