Hug me?

Pediophiobes (really hoping that is the plural), look away now.

Thanks to Lloyd and Natalie who alerted me to possibly the creepiest doll I have ever seen. Will she eat your skin or just sing you a pretty song in the middle of the night while she creeps up the stairs? Who knows.


(c) Natalie Grother. All images remain the property of their original creator.

I have already talked about why we, as rational creatures (well, some of us), fear inanimate objects, or rather, the things that imitate life without actually achieving it. But I linked to Freud’s The Uncanny on a previous blog post so I won’t repeat myself here. Instead I will simply post some articles on the subject and leave you to stare longingly at the doll that style forgot.

Oh and while we’re speaking of creepy ass dolls who may nibble on you, remember Robert? I bet he remembers you.



The Independent

The Guardian


Jonathan Coulton knows what’s up:




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