The Tulpa Ritual


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Disclaimer: I am posting this for fun and because people enjoy reading about these things. If you choose to play any of these games then you do so at your own risk.

How to Play


  • Credit goes to Augur-Jearn of Reddit.
  • The idea behind this ritual is to summon what the OP calls a Servitor.
  • Remember, according to myth, naming something gives it power.
  • Note that the OP states that you may come up with a name, only for this ritual not to work, or for it not to feel right. The way the ritual reads, it is almost as though you are supposed to have a name pop into your head that will just feel right to you. You shouldn’t be thinking too hard about it.
  • Although this ritual seems to claim that you should be able to create something yourself, several parts of it are similar to older rituals that are intended to call upon things already out there. The idea is that you name these formless entities, giving them power and in doing so, can bind them to you, but only for a time. The more people that know of said entity, the more powerful it would become, which might be why you are never supposed to share the name with anyone else.


  • A notebook.
  • Pen/pencil.
  • A sterile needle.


  • You must pick a name for your Servitor. The name should then be reversed. So if your chosen name is Billy Bob, then your Servitor would be Bob Yllib, which as we will all agree, is a spiffing name for a demonic best buddy. Remove the vowels from the name.
  • You must remember the name, but do not keep it written down anywhere. You should also design a shape that will represent your new friend.
  • Following this you should focus on this shape, meditate upon it as frequently as possible. Your thoughts should either bring this thing into life, or allow something already in existence to come through to our world using your will. You should be patient with this part.
  • When you feel that you have allowed enough time for your Servitor to take shape, so to speak, then you are ready to move onto the next phase.
  • Fill your sink with water.
  • Prick your finger and allow drops of blood to fall into the water. Blood magick would indicate that the more blood you give the entity, the more bound to you it will be – however, it could also mean that said entity becomes more powerful than you would like.
  • Draw your symbol on a piece of paper and drop it into the the bloody water. Just think, you could be watching Jessica Jones right now (it’s good). Get it wet enough for the paper to dissolve, or be ripped into pieces small enough to go down the drain. Note, I accept no liability for either demonic entities, or plumbing issues following this.
  • Say aloud, ‘This signifies our friendship [Bb Yllb, or whatever your Servitor’s name is]. You are now bound to me by my sigil, doused in my blood.’
  • Remove the plug (that came out as pug then, remove any small dogs too) and allow the water, plus paper to flow out. As it does, say, ‘Our friendship has transcended into the spirit world! I declare again that you are bound to me by blood and sigil.’
  • Turn off all lights and leave all doors standing open (except your front and back door). You must now leave your house for at least ten minutes. It would be very dangerous to remain.
  • Once you return to the house, you should feel a subtle difference. Now you have brought your Servitor forth, it requires a shape. For the next month you should meditate on how your Servitor would look. Perhaps it is a cat, Angelina Jolie, a pocket watch. Whatever does it for you, no judgement.
  • As time goes on you should start to notice subtle attempts at contact. The more powerful the Servitor, the less subtle these will be. You may now begin to talk to it and meditate upon whatever you want its help with.
  • If time has passed and nothing is happening, but you feel the name was correct, the OP offers the following advice. Get an item, anything really, and have it serve as your Servitor’s vessel. Create another sigil on paper and burn it. Place the ashes into the vessel. This should help.
  • The OP says that you will need to feed your Servitor from time to time. The Servitor will let you know what it wants. You may not like what it asks for. But if you do not feed it then it may break free of you.

Safety first

Usual stuff about randomly stabbing yourself with needles and why that isn’t a great idea.

Risk level

High. I have said on this blog several times that while I am a skeptic, I do not advise using blood magick in any form. Games like this can have a psychological impact on people and there are a lot  of stories out there about what has happened following one of these sort of games involving blood. This could play on your mind. As always, it is your choice. You’re an awesome badass and I’m not the boss of you (except you, Chris. I am totally the boss of you).

Would I play?




2 thoughts on “The Tulpa Ritual

  1. Hi, I hate to be a bother, but as I was reading it said to leave the house for at least 10 minutes. I was wondering if I would have to take any pets that I own out of the house too?

    • Honestly, games like this, which involve blood magic are dangerous because they supposedly can result in possession. As such, I would take anything out of the house which could be used as a vessel – pets, dolls etc.

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