Good news. I’m not dead.


I am just writing a quick post to explain my rather long absence from the blog.

I am moving to South Korea in two weeks and preparations for this have kept me away from writing for quite some time. There has been a bit of writers block thrown into the mix if I am honest, too.

There will be some new posts to come fairly soon, but please allow some time for me to settle into a new country and a new job.

Thank you for those who have continued to read this blog and welcome to those who have recently subscribed. Apologies again for the rather sporadic nature of the posts over the last year.

As always, I appreciate those who have contacted me to check I wasn’t abducted by pirates or something equally exciting.


2 thoughts on “Good news. I’m not dead.

  1. I hope your move goes really smoothly! You should take as long as you need to get settled in a new country, because moving can be really hectic and I can only imagine how crazy it must be to move to a different country. Don’t feel pressured to upload, we totally understand ❤

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