Why blog?

Please see the about this blog section of the site.

Are you male or female?


Why the supernatural?

I’ve always had an interest in it, although I can’t give a definite answer as to why. I write in this genre and do a lot of research about it. I have also had a few strange experiences of my own.

Do you believe in urban legends/the supernatural?

I’m not sure what I believe. I never like to completely discount anything, although I do try to look for reasonable explanations where possible.

I find urban legends interesting as they are usually a reflection of societal fears and I try to understand what is at the heart of such stories.

Have you ever had any strange experiences?

Yes. A few.

I may blog about them at some point in the future.

Which sites do you look at?

I have tried to include a fair few in my posts. I have started a weekly recommendation post in which I will detail some of my favourite sites.

Where do you get your information?

It’s a combination of good old Google and books on the relevant subjects. I never trust one site and will visit numerous ones before completing a blog post. I try to ensure my information is as accurate as possible, but if you notice any omissions or errors, please feel free to contact me.

Where do you get your images and videos?

Mostly Google and You Tube.

I have a page stating that the copyright of anything I use remains with their owners and if anyone is unhappy with me using anything of theirs, it will be removed.

Can I submit my own story or video?

I am happy to receive any stories or relevant material that is appropriate to my blog. I cannot promise to publish everything, but please feel free to contact me. You can find my details under the contact me section of the site

Why isn’t my comment showing up?

Comments go through moderation. I attempt to moderate as quickly as I can, but at certain times I may be busy, so please be patient. I read every comment I receive and endeavor to reply where possible or relevant. 

Do you play any of the games?

I have played a few, but only the ones that I don’t think are hugely dangerous. I avoid anything that asks me to use blood or dolls, or generally invoke something into my house or body. The advice is that if you’ve had any horrible experiences with the supernatural then you should avoid playing a lot of these games and it is advice that I mostly follow.

The games that I have played include: Dead Man Tag, Doors to the Mind, Who’s in the Dark and Dream of the Dead. I did start Another World Game but I ended up chickening out when a woman got into the lift (could have been a normal person obviously). I am currently considering whether I want to play The Opposites Game.

Are you on any social media sites?

See the contact me section to find links for Facebook. My Instagram photos are linked somewhere on the left hand side of the front page.

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