Fire Breathing


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Disclaimer: I am posting this for fun and because people enjoy reading about these things. If you choose to play any of these games then you do so at your own risk.

How to Play


  • Credit goes to AksysGamer
  • This is a psychological ritual similar to some I have previously posted; Doors to the Mind and In The Eye of the Giant.
  • Originates from a Native American ritual.
  • You should have a clean body for this ritual, so bathe and avoid alchol and drugs for a while beforehand.
  • Your power object should be should be something very familiar to you that will help you snap out of a trance like state. It could be a childhood toy, a photo of someone important to you, or anything along those lines.


  • 2 candles.
  • A lighter/matches.
  • 4 mirrors, ideally full length.
  • 2 chairs.
  • 1 power object.
  • 1 mobile phone/cell phone.
  • 1 mobile phone/cell phone charger.
  • A notebook/sketchbook (if you are more artistic).
  • A compass.


  • You will need a windowless room, or a room in which all windows have been covered. The idea behind this is that this ritual uses sensory deprivation.
  • Using the compass, set one of the four mirrors at each of the four corners (North, East, South and West).
  • You will be sitting on one of the chairs. Place it facing whichever of the four corners that you feel the most drawn to. The second chair should be placed in the opposite direction, facing the opposite corner. So your chair will be facing a mirror and the other chair will be behind you when you sit down, facing the opposite mirror.
  • Place one candle in front of your chair and the other in front of the second chair. This should create opposing light sources.
  • Put your notebook/sketchbook in front of you, with the pen/pencil nearer to the mirror. Your power object should be placed close to you.
  • Consider what you hope you get from this ritual; advice, understanding, self awareness. Once you have decided this, write it down on a piece of paper.
  • Turn off as many electronic devices and outside sources of light as you can.
  • Once you have fixed what you are searching for in your mind, go to bed.
  • Put your mobile phone/cell phone onto charge and place it beside you.
  • Set an alarm for exactly 02:58. You need to ensure you get exactly three hours of sleep. Set another alarm for 07:00. Go to sleep with the question fixed firmly in your mind.
  • When you are woken by your alarm, use the light from your mobile/cellphone to find your way back to the room where your ritual is set up.
  • If anything has changed in that room then do not proceed. Go to another room and wait until your next alarm goes off at 07:00.
  • If all is as it should be, sit in your chair and pick up your notepad/sketchbook. Light the candle that is in front of you. From now on this is your light source, don’t use your phone.
  • Without blinking, gaze into the mirror in front of you. Think about what you want to know and concentrate as you continue staring into the mirror. Your goal is to reach what scientists call Hypnopompia, the moment before Lucid Dreaming. This might take some practice.
  • Do not, at any point, look into any of the other mirrors. There is nothing to say what will happen, but the OP’s grandmother said it is a very bad idea. If you accidentally do so, leave the room immediately, closing the door behind you.
  • Breathe in slowly and then exhale. Continue meditating on whatever you are seeking. When you feel it is time, pick up the notepad/sketchbook and begin writing or drawing. You will know when.
  • Leave the room when the 07:00 alarm sounds. Do not remain in the room past 07:15. You may leave early if what you see or feel disturbs you.
  • You may need to do this several times until you reach the proper state for it to work.

Safety first

As with any of these games that promise greater self awareness, it is worth  bearing in mind that it can leave us feeling vulnerable or unhappy. This game is what you make of it, so if you are in a negative place, it may be worth trying something else.

Risk level

Low. It isn’t a summoning ritual. Being surrounded by four mirrors might not be a good thing if you haven’t started that diet you’ve been thinking about for six months though – personal experience.

Would I play?





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The majority of cultures around the world have stories about fantastical beings. Fairies have appeared in many forms throughout literature. Aside from fairy stories, they also feature in classic works such as the Breton Lay, Sir Orfeo and Shakespeare’s plays.

The word fairy roughly translates from the Latin as ‘to enchant – a state/condition of enchantment’. This vague description makes it easy to understand why it is hard to pinpoint exactly what a fairy is and explains why a fairy can be so different in one story to the next.

How do I recognise them?

In the modern world, i.e. Hollywood, they are mostly depicted as small, delicate winged creatures, but throughout history they have taken many shapes. In many stories they take the form of a beautiful man or woman with the intent of seducing or stealing away someone who takes their interest.

Where will I find them?

They are often described as dwelling beneath the earth in fairy mounds/forts, or burrows. Digging up these mounds is said to be especially dangerous. Some fairies are said to live in human homes and some cultures provide offerings to such beings, such as Duendes. Selkies, kelpies and other dangerous fairies live in bodies of water.

Processions of fairies supposedly pass through ancient forests on certain days of the year, commonly Midsummer’s Eve or other turning days. Many stories imply that fairies moods change with the season. In the summer they are more likely to be playful and kind, but as the year draws to a close they become hungry and impatient.

You can also find them partying in fairy circles. In many stories humans observe fairy revelry in this way. However, it is said that if the fairies find you watching then they will compel you to join them and you will never be seen again. Sleeping inside a fairy circle is also bad news if you have dinner plans.

Friday is said to be a day of particular danger.

How do I get their attention?

Sleeping on a fairy mound, or in ancient woodland. Crossing a fairy circle in moonlight, especially during Midsummer. Nursing mothers and babies are said to be very vulnerable, as are beautiful men and women passing through woodland. Virgins should also take care passing through ancient forests.

Cutting down Thorn trees is said to earn their wrath.

Making them offerings is said to appease them and earn their loyalty, as in the case of Saci Perere.

How do I escape?

You can protect yourself by avoiding areas inhabited by fairies.

Iron can protect against fairies. Bells and whistling were also said to guard one against abduction. Certain herbs and plants are said to help. More information can be found here.

Appeasing the fairies through gifts is traditionally protective.

General information

One apparent constant is the general capriciousness of fairies: they can be kind or cruel as the mood takes them. Their malice toward humans is often explained through their origin story; beings who once roamed free, charged with protecting nature, but who were forced into hiding by the invasion of humanity and now must endure the gradual eradication of their sacred spaces. In many stories the motives of fairies are not clear. Commonly they are involved in kidnapping, child switching, practical jokes or romance.

Commonly in the modern world, i.e. Hollywood, they are mostly depicted as small, delicate winged creatures, but throughout folklore they have taken many shapes.

Much folklore warns against spending time with fairies due to differences in the way time works in their world. It seems as though you spent a few hours in their company, while many years may have passed in the real world. There are numerous stories of men and women returning home after an evening with the fairies to find it is now many hundreds of years later and they don’t recognise anyone.


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Urban Legends: The Vanishing Hitch-Hiker.

hitch(c) original artist.

Apologies as usual for the delay. I had some issues with my password for the site and it’s taken a while to get it sorted out. I’m currently researching a fair bit and they’ll be some forthcoming articles on Japanese demons and imaginary beasts. Also, I’ll try to find some more creepy games as I know they’re popular.

Urban Legend: The Vanishing Hitch-hiker.

We have probably all heard the story of the Vanishing Hitch-hiker. Just in case, I will briefly detail one of the numerous versions below.

Someone, normally male (usually a friend of a friend of the teller) is driving along a country road when they see a young girl at the side of the road. In some versions she might be wearing strange clothes, sometimes the sort of thing you might have seen fifty years ago, other times they might be horribly torn or damaged in some way that inspires compassion in the driver. Anyway, said driver picks her up. She insists on sitting in the back seat and when the driver asks about her destination they are told that the girl lives with her parents (sometimes mother, sometimes father) in a house around five miles away. The driver takes her there and this is where the legends diverge depending on which version you hear. The one thing that most versions agree on is that when the driver turns around he finds that the girl has vanished. At this point he might find that the house is abandoned and fallen into ruin, no sign of the girl anywhere. He may see something that causes him to flee the scene in terror, or he may simply leave, puzzled. In other versions, after finding his passenger gone he will approach the house and knock on the door. He will then meet a set of grieving parents who will inform him that their daughter had gone missing while hitch-hiking many years previously. They will show him something of their daughter’s that will match something the driver noticed about the girl (an item of clothing, sometimes a teddy bear or a photograph). Sometimes they will tell him that he arrived on what would have been her birthday. Sometimes the story may end with the driver taking the girl to a cemetery and finding her headstone. Sometimes the hitch-hiker is spotted in an urban environment, the collection from a club or other building you’d expect to find there. Sometimes it ends with the driver finding a newspaper article detailing a horrific accident or murder of some sort that had previously occurred in the location where he first saw the hitch-hiker. Occasionally the driver may own a cab and pick up the hitch-hiker as a fare. The variations are endless.

The interesting part about this legend is how long it has actually been around and how widespread it is. According to Jan Harold Brunvand (an expert on American folklore), it has been in printed tradition since the 1930’s and was orally circulated prior to that. In earlier versions the driver would be in a carriage of some sort, or occasionally riding a horse. This is an example of a popular urban legend evolving to match the time in which it is told, keeping itself relevant. It is also an example of the ghost on a quest tale, which is common to urban legends.

There’s a fair amount of videos on You Tube about this legend too.

Which version have you heard? Do you have any interesting urban legends you believed as a child?

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Phantom of the Answer Game.


(c) Shayne of the Dead. His website can be found here:

Disclaimer: I am posting this for fun and because people enjoy reading about these things. If you choose to play any of these games then you do so at your own risk.

How to play


  • Ouija boards are so 1990’s. We have technology now and we can use it to talk to the dead. Incidentally, did you know that Edison invented a phone to do this?
  • This is a Japanese game that has become an urban legend over the years.
  • It is said the Phantom of the Answer longs to live again and to do so he requires a certain number of body parts. One day he will be reborn and he will be unlike anything the world has seen.
  • The more time you spend conversing with the dead the more you put yourself at risk of possession. This includes ouija boards, sessions with mediums or creepy games listed on this blog. If you suddenly start seeing things out of the corner of your eye, or feel a crushing sensation while drifting off to sleep then you should stop anything in this area immediately. You’re at risk.
  • As with many other urban legends, mirrors and other reflective surfaces may be disturbing for a time after this ritual.


  • 10 people (if they count as equipment).
  • 10 mobile phones. You must be willing to destroy your phone at the end, so leave your iPhone 34 or Samsung 851 in a drawer.


  • Sit in a circle.
  • Each person should have the number of the person to their left programmed into their phone.
  • On the count of 3 everyone should phone the person to their left.
  • The phones should all be busy, but inexplicably one call will get through and they will be connected to the Phantom of the Answer.
  • You may ask him anything and he will provide the answer. But, he will ask a question in return which must be answered honestly. If you are unable to answer then you will feel a tingle somewhere in your body. Shortly after you will lose that part of you through accident or illness. There is a high price for answers and the more difficult the question you asked, the more significant part of your body you are at risk of losing in return. Some versions state that if you cannot answer the question, a gnarled hand will appear from the phone to immediately claim the body part.
  • To complete the ritual you must tell the Phantom of the Answer that you have to go. He may try to persuade you to stay on the line by offering you information for free. Be aware that if you continue then his next question will be far more difficult than any so far and is likely to be almost impossible to answer correctly. He knows you are close to ending the connection and he wants to trick you. Be persistent in your wish to end the conversation and eventually he will bid you goodbye.
  • You should immediately destroy the phone; it may ring while you are trying to do so but you must ignore it. If you choose to keep hold of it then you now have a hotline to the supernatural. This might sound neat, but not everyone who calls you will be pleasant and some may tell you things you don’t want to hear. You will be a beacon to all that is corrupt or hates the living.

Safety first

You may want to have a medic on standby for all those lost body parts.

Risk level

High. Think Ash in Evil Dead 2.

Would I play?

If I want answers, I use Google. Suck it, Bing.

Urban Legends: Video Games and Hollywood

Proper blog posts will resume shortly. It was my birthday on Tuesday and have had various activities planned for this week.

Until then enjoy some of the creepiest urban legends about video games.

Also, some creepy myths and curses from Hollywood. Enjo

Baba Yaga


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Baba Yaga


  • Features in Russian folklore.

  • First mention of her seems to happen in 1755.

  • Said to be one of three sisters, all with the same name (creative parents)

  • Also known as Baba Yaga Kostianaya Nona (Baba Yaga Boney Legs). Also called the Bone Mother.

  • Often linked to another figure, Jezibaba.

  • The folktale is here

How do I recognise her?

  • A witch with iron teeth.

  • Said to travel on a large mortar and push herself along with her legs. Also said to travel on a throne made from the bones of children. She is also said to be able to fly.

  • She appears amongst howling winds and an entourage of screaming spirits.

Where will I find her?

  • Lives in a hut on the edge of a forest where it is bitterly cold. The hut can move itself to new locations on its chicken legs. The fence surrounding it is made from bones and atop it are skulls with glowing eyes.

  • It is said she guards the fountains of life and death.

How do I get her attention?

  • If you enter her hut she will enquire whether you are there of your own free will, or were sent. One answer is correct, but no one knows which one.

How do I escape?

  • In the stories those who escape do so by outwitting her or tricking her in some way.

General information

  • Said to travel on a throne made from the bones of children.
  • Amongst her many servants are three disembodied hands.
  • Although she has a fearsome reputation, there are stories of her being kind. She is often described as wise.
  • It is said she guards the fountains of life and death.