The Guardian Game

How to Play


  • The idea behind this game is to see your guardian angel, or the entity that watches over you.
  • It opens you up to entities that may not bring happy fun times.
  • Not recommended for anyone prone to anxiety, paranoia or hallucinations.


  • A mirror large enough to see behind you
  • Salt
  • A sterilized needle or a red marker
  • A clock
  • A new broom
  • A candle of any colour but black and something to light it. Also something to put it in, e.g. a candlestick or a lantern.


  • You need to find out the exact time when you were born.
  • Prick your finger with a sterilized needle, use your blood to write your time and date of birth on the mirror. I will add, there is also the chance you can do this using a red pen. It may be worth trying this first, if it doesn’t work, you can do it the creepier way. I always advise against blood magic.
  • You need to use a room with at least one window, it should be open during the ritual, but can be closed while setting up. The house also needs to be empty of anything else living, or which could potentially approximate life – no pets, no dolls, no stuffed animals.
  • Clear all furniture and personal property from the room. The room should then be throughly cleaned. Most importantly, the room needs to be swept with a new broom, though you can also use a dustpan and brush. The priority here is that the item be new and ideally cheap, as you will be disposing of it afterwards. Dark spirits like dirty places.
  • Once the room is clean, you must clean yourself. Shower, bath, use a wet wipe – however you normally do it. You must also wash your hair. The idea is to purify yourself as much as possible. Before the next step, anything else living e.g. pets, must be removed from the room, ideally the house, though don’t go locking your dogs or house cats outside overnight just to play a game.
  • Once it is dark, place the mirror in the middle of the room, when you sit in front of it, your back should be to the door, never the window.
  • Put a circle of salt around the mirror, large enough for you to sit comfortably within.
  • You should then exit the circle, closing it behind you with more salt. Place the container of salt outside the room – it must not be left inside or it will not protect you. The circle of salt should be complete when you leave the room.
  • Note that the candle or the lighting source should not be left in the room either. Keep it with you.
  • Speak aloud, “I seek the one who watches over me.”
  • Immediately leave the room, closing the door behind you.
  • If you hear any noises, especially voices or scratching, do not re-enter the room that night. Clear the room the following day and do not attempt the ritual again. There is something else watching you. Get yourself cleansed by a priest, a witch or simply by washing yourself with salt water under the next new moon.
  • If all remains silent, you can now kill time however you like, eat, read, watch a movie, but do not go to sleep.
  • If you feel sleepy at this point, clean out the room the next morning as per instructions at the end and wait at least three days before attempting this again. Keep an eye out over those days for any strange dreams, particulary any featuring a man dressed in red. If you see him, or if at any point you feel in danger, cleanse yourself, as per instructions above and never attempt this ritual again. He is watching you, so best to avoid invocations or games calling on entities of any type.
  • Providing all is normal, at exactly midnight you can begin. You must start by turning off every light in the house.
  • You can use any small light source for the next part, but avoid using a candle in case you trip over and set your house on fire. You could use a flashlight, or even a battery operated lamp, but it must be powerful enough to guide your way, but not so powerful that the whole room is lit up. You won’t want to see the whole room at once.
  • Walk from room to room, you must check every mirror in the house, whether it is a small one in your handbag or one fixed to a wall. This is very important. Use the light to look into the mirror and check the space behind you. If you see a face, a flash of red or your light source turns off, even if for a second, stop. You must turn on every light in the house, cleanse yourself again and avoid opening the room up until dawn. Do not try this ritual again.
  • Assuming every mirror is clear and shows only yourself, you are ready for the next part. Go to the room you set up earlier, open the door and leave it open behind you. Get your remaining salt, your candle, the holder and whatever you plan to light it with.
  • Open the window in the room. Remember, the door must also be open.
  • Go to the circle, clear a small part of salt and enter, closing it behind you with the new salt. Do not reuse the salt you wiped away to enter.
  • If the mirror is broken, or scratched you must end the ritual here. Do not light the candle. Exit the circle again, seal it behind you with more new salt. Leave the room, closing the door and do not enter until dawn. Put a line of salt under the doorway. Clear the room as per instructions at the end. Do not attempt the ritual again. Do not attempt any ritual including summoning spirits from this point forward. Do the same should there be any new writing on the mirror, or if your date or time of birth is wiped away.
  • Assuming the mirror is exactly as you left it and nothing else in the room has changed, you can now start.
  • Place another unbroken ring of salt around the mirror itself. It should be inside its own ring and you should be inside yours, separate.
  • Light the candle, set it into its holder and place it behind the mirror without breaking the salt ring. If at any point during this ritual, the candle goes out, stop. You know the routine by now, clear the room, clean it up at dawn and wait at least three days before trying again with a new candle.
  • At no point should you turn around and look directly at the door behind you. If you need to check it, use the mirror.
  • Stare into the mirror. No one knows exactly how the next point goes. You might see a figure behind you. A voice might talk to you. You may hear knocks or sounds elsewhere in the house. You are perfectly safe as long as you remain within your ring of salt and the mirror remains inside its own. If either of these are disturbed, by you or others, blow out the candle, say, “our communion has ended” and leave the room immediately, closing the door behind you. It is up to you if you want to try the ritual again. If you disturbed it, you should be safe. If something else did, I would probably avoid it. Put a line of salt under the door.
  • Ask the guardian its name. If it refuses, or asks you yours, stop the ritual by blowing out the candle, repeating the words in the previous point and closing the door. Put a line of salt under it. If this happens, you will need to bury the mirror – do not break it.
  • Once the guardian speaks its name, it should feel immediately familiar. You should feel calm and safe. If you feel at all uncomfortable or anxious, end the ritual as per the previous instructions.
  • You can speak to the guardian for as long as you choose. You can ask it questions, you can talk out situations. Avoid anything negative, don’t ask it about your death or the death of anyone you know. Don’t ask it the winning lottery numbers or anything that will bring you financial advantage. Talk to it as you would a friend, but remember that it is not human. Do not at any point leave the circle. Do not turn around to look at the door.
  • Once you are happy, before dawn, end the ritual. You can say goodbye however you choose from within your circle. Then say, “our communion has ended.” You should feel a change in the room, but to be safe, before leaving the circle, you should instruct your guardian to leave. Be polite, but firm, ask it to exit via the window. If it declines to do so, you must wait in the circle until dawn. Do not leave the circle until it agrees or dawn arrives.
  • Once the ritual is over, you can clean the mirror and use it again as you wish. However, avoid having it in any room where you sleep. Equally, you can bury the mirror somewhere near running water. Clean and sweep the room again. Clean yourself. The dustpan and brush or broom should be removed from your home immediately – you can leave it outside the front or back door if you like for now and dispose of it properly later. The candle should also be thrown away.
  • You can close the window at dawn. If you have any lingering feelings of a presence, smudge your house with sage. The communion with your guardian is a one time deal. To talk to it again it will demand a price, you do not want to pay it.

Safety first

  • This ritual involves checking every mirror in the home. It may be worth clearing any potential obstructions in advance that could cause you to trip.
  • Note that this ritual requires you to leave a window open overnight. This can be a risk to your home security and also a risk to yourself. I don’t advise this.

Risk level

  • High. It requires a window being left open overnight. It involves mirrors, which can act as portals. Blood magic is especially dangerous. It also has the risk of possession or inviting entities into your life.

Would I play?

  • No

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