Daruma-san Game


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Disclaimer: I am posting this for fun and because people enjoy reading about these things. If you choose to play any of these games then you do so at your own risk.

How to play


  • This is another Japanese game like Hitori Kakurenbo version 1 and version 2.
  • You must be naked in the bath.
  • Once you have left the bathroom do not return for any reason that night, or let anyone else enter.
  • Do not open your eyes when she first appears/when you initially wake. She may hover above you.
  • Do not immerse yourself in, or cross water until the game is over.
  • She likes dark spaces and hates bright light. Avoid dark pathways while playing.
  • She may not stay behind you at all times. She wants to catch you, so may attempt to take a short cut so she can wait for you to reach her.
  • If you cross the path of anyone during this game then you put them in danger. She may follow them for a short time once your game is over. They will be safe as long as they never play this game. If they do she will be considerably closer at the start. If too many people have crossed your path while playing this game then she may be kneeling above you when you first wake and all is lost.
  • DO NOT LET HER CATCH YOU. Ghosts only play games if the prize is worthwhile. If she wins she gets to kill or possess you.
  • Be careful. During the game you are more vulnerable to trips and falls of a serious nature. You will also be prone to severe eye injuries.
  • You cannot end the game before it has begun and some say you cannot end it for the first hour.
    • She is smart, if she suspects you will end the game she may hide. You can only end the game by looking at her while you say the words. She may continue to advance while in hiding.
  • If you ever play the game a second time then she will start in the position she was when you ended the previous game. Remember, you can’t end the game in the first hour so I’d keep this a one time only game. If after the game has ended you spot her lurking in mirrors then never play any game that summons a spirit. Also hope that no one who lives with you plays it.
  • She will gain speed the longer the game is played: she grows in power, as all spirits do, during manifestation.
  • In Japan there are Daruma dolls which are not connected to this game. They are considered a symbol of good luck.


  • A bath tub.
  • Salt.


  • Run a bath. It doesn’t specify whether the water should be hot or cold but you will be sitting in it, so up to you.
  • Turn off all the lights and get into the bath. Sit in the middle, facing the taps.
  • Close your eyes and begin to wash your hair while saying, ‘Daruma-san fell down. Daruma-san fell down.’
  • While repeating these words you should imagine a woman standing in the bath tub, as she stands she slips and is impaled through the eye by a rusted tap (ouch).
  • Continue to repeat the words until you have finished washing your hair.
  • Keep your eyes closed. You may hear someone in the tub behind you, but it is very important that your eyes remain closed.
  • When you feel her presence you should immediately ask, ‘why did you fall in the bath?’
  • Ensuring that your eyes remain closed, stand and carefully get out of the bath. She may try to trip or push you.
  • Leave the bathroom immediately; don’t stop to dry or dress.
  • You may now open your eyes, but do not look into the bathroom.
  • Go to bed without draining the bath or turning on any lights.
  • As soon as you wake up next the game will begin.
  • She is now following you. Don’t try to look at her directly or you forfeit the game. If you glance over your right shoulder you may glimpse her. She is a tall woman with ragged clothes and long dark hair, she will only have one eye.
  • As the day goes on she will get closer and closer. If you need to buy some time you may shout, ‘Tomare!’ (STOP). It is important to note that each time you use this word during the game the time she pauses for will diminish. Save it for the time of greatest need. Do not let her catch you.
  • If you wish to end the game then you must shout ‘Kitta’ while looking at her (this roughly translates as, ‘I’m out, you lose’). While speaking hold your hands out in front of you and swing them downward in a cutting motion, like you’re performing a karate chop. See notes for further information on ending the game.
  • The game must be ended before midnight on the day it began or she will continue to follow you awake or asleep and there will be no way of stopping her.
  • Once you have ended the game you should drain the bath water and sprinkle the tub with salt.
  • See the notes section for after game warnings.


Safety first

There is a high risk of slipping in the bath if you try to get out with your eyes closed. Be very careful. Pirates may look sexy, but you can rock an eye patch without serious injury.

Risk level


Would I play

Nope. I meet enough creepy people during the day.


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